8oz Raw Africa Shea Butter Cocoa Mango Kokum Butter African Black Paste RAW 6pk





All 8 oz. containers
Sold as volume 
Raw Cocoa Butter 
Straight from Ecuador: 100% Raw
 “Arriba Nacional” cacao
(100% Natural / Prime & Pure)
 Origin: Ecuador
Smell: Natural rich chocolate aroma
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Shelf Life: This butter should be stored in a cool dark place 
and have a shelf life of approximately 2-5 years when stored properly.
Melts: At approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius)
Please Note: The cocoa butter may naturally feel hard and dry at room temperature.
Packaged: 8 oz.  Food Grade ( Deli Container) 
Please Note: Depending on the location or weather where this cocoa butter is going you might receive it in a liquid form….if so please place the container in your refrigerator or in a very cool place for about 30 minutes until the butter turns back into its form.
Color: Off-White to Golden.
Yellow And Ivory Shea Butter
Premium Grade A 
Raw Organic Unrefined

Benefits And Uses  

Raw shea butter helps heal scars, burns, bruises, and stretch marks.


Prevents ashy skin, chapping, and skin rashes.
An ideal hair conditioner that protects the scalp from sores and rashes.
Helps prevent hair from breaking, fading, or thinning out.
Fortifies cuticles and nails.
Helps rid the scalp of dandruff.
Raw shea butter helps drain toxins from sore muscles: perfect for sports participants.
Helps prevent skin irritation for babies: used for generations to help babies sleep better.
Prevents irritation, and restores skin natural luster after shaving.
Ideal for dermatitis, eczema, and athletes foot.
Firms up aging skin and help clear wrinkles.
Massage shea butter into areas affected by arthritis, joint pains, or other muscular aches.
Shea Butter naturally contains vitamins A and E.
Raw Mango Butter
 Origin: Netherlands 
 Grade A 
 Botanical Name: Mangifera indica

Here are some ways mango benefits


Promotes collagen production: Because it’s rich in vitamin C, mango butter can help encourage the production of collagen, which helps give skin its shape and strength. Adequate collagen promotes a firmer appearance on the skin, reducing the look of sagging and bagging.
Natural source of vitamin A: Vitamin A is one of the natural ingredients that encourage healthy cell production and turnover. Since mango butter is a natural source of vitamin A, it helps to stimulate the cells responsible for keeping skin firm, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing skin’s overall youthful look.
Fades scars: Stretch marks, acne scars, and other old scars become more pliable and less noticeable when exposed to all the goodies in mango butter—moisturizers, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and skin regenerators.
Treats dry skin: Dry patches, flakiness, eczema, dermatitis flare-ups, and even psoriasis can benefit from daily application of mango butter, which goes to work deeply moisturizing and repairing damaged skin. Oh, and don’t forget your lips—mango butter works great as a lip balm.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: Mango butter provides a more lasting type of moisturization, which can help prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles down the line. It also helps reduce the degeneration of skin cells, preventing that damaging process that leads to wrinkles in the first place.
Protects from sun damage: Remember that ability to protect from radiation that we mentioned above? This is a great perk with mango butter—when you apply it to your skin you carry around an extra bit of protection from sun damage. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear sun protection, though!
Soothes a sunburn: Yep, you can use it both before and after sun exposure, as mango butter helps soothe and heal sunburned skin.
Calms insect bites and poison ivy: If you got bitten or were exposed to poison ivy on your last outing, reach for your mango butter. Its anti-allergy properties can help calm the itching and stinging so your skin can relax.
Treats small wounds: If you’ve got scrapes, cracks, or other small wounds, mango butter can help them heal faster
Unlike other butter like shea butter and cocoa butter, mango butter has a wound-healing quality. 
All this, yet mango butter is gentle on skin, and perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. We suggest you give it a try—and don’t forget that your eyes will love our anti-aging eye cream!


Kokum Butter
8 oz. Deli-container listing
100%  Pure 

Botanical Name: Garcinia Indica

Kokum butter is naturally produced from the seeds of the kokum tree’s ( Garcinia Indica ) fruit. 
It is commonly used in place of Cocoa Butter as an ingredient for several different cosmetics. 
The density of this butter holds ingredients together to create a better and stiffer product.
Kokum butter is known for its smooth, dense texture suitable for cosmetic and toiletry applications. 
Some of the traditionally known benefits of kokum butter are:
* Promotes skin elasticity
*Helps prevents drying of the skin & restores damaged skin
* Helps regenerates skin cells & reduces degeneration of skin cells
*Non-pore clogging ( non-comedogenic )
* Helps heal ulcers, heal fissures of the lips, hands, and soles of feet
* Helps stabilize emulsions
* High oxidative stability
* Ingredient for stiffening DIY soaps and creams
* Great for Stimulating the scalp for healthy hair growth
* Sold as Volume*


Suggested Uses: 

In cosmetics, body butter, conditioners, make-up foundations, lipsticks, moisturizers, 
hair care products, toiletries & pharmaceutical industry as creams, 
skin tonic, lotion, acne products, balms, shaving creams & bar soaps. 
Use from 3% to 100%


Recommended Usage Percentage:

Lotions & Creams: 1-3%
Balms: 5-100%
Bar Soaps: 2-5%
Hair Conditioners: 1-3%


African Black Soap Paste
Imported From Ghana
100% Natural

 Grade A 


 Natural / Natural 

RAW African Black Soap Bar
Wrapped in Shrink Wrap

Lather with a washcloth, loofah, or sponge.

100% Pure 


Unscented Black Soap

Earth’s BEST Natural Soap

All Ingredients are Natural

Our African black soap is handmade in Ghana, Africa.
It is primarily used to heal & treat troubled skin of all types.
It may help with fine wrinkles, psoriasis, dark spots, eczema, razor bumps, clearing blemishes, acne scars, and rashes.
In addition, it can be used as a light exfoliator on the body.
Black Soap can also be used in hair to treat scalp irritations.
Directions: Lather with a sponge, loofah, or washcloth.

Aroma Depot always recommends that when trying natural products, you test a small area first to ensure you won’t develop an allergic reaction.”


Made in Ghana, 
Africa with a Blend of Cocoa and Palm Oil
Fights eczema, psoriasis, and skin conditions.

Our Black Soap is 100% Pure and Authentic Guaranteed!
Our African Black Soap (unscented) is one of the healthiest soaps due to the combination of natural ingredients used.
No chemicals are added to enhance colors, fragrances, or preservatives.
Unscented for sensitive skin and hair.
African Black Soap may help to reduce scars caused by acne. Acne is not caused by dirt. 
However, it is a result of excess oils released by the skin. African Black Soap is suited for all skin types.
Oily Skin
A miracle product for oily and acne-prone skin, African black soap works well for deep pore cleansing as a result of its natural exfoliation qualities. 
Also, for some oily skin types, it seems to keep the skin hydrated without increasing oil production.
No matter how oily your skin is, it would be best if you moisturized afterward with a non-comedogenic oil like Aroma Depot’s Virgin Coconut Oil.
Using our 100% natural butters, such as African Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, or Kokum Butter, will be the perfect moisturizer for your skin after cleaning it with African Black Soap.


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Additional information


8 oz. Each

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)


Country/Region of Manufacture

United States



Custom Bundle


Main Purpose

Moisturizer & Facial Cleaner, Cellulite Treatment, Eczema, Firming, Moisturizer, Redness, Stress Relief, Stretch Mark Treatment


Paste Soap, Butter

Product Line

Aroma Depot


Daily Use


All Natural Ingredients, Animal Cruelty-Free



Active Ingredients

Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Black Soap Paste

Body Area

Arms, Decollete, Face, Feet, Full Body, Hands, Head, Legs, Lips

Main Ingredient

Shea Butter


8 oz.

Size Type



Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Black Soap Paste, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter

Set Includes

Daily Use, Day Treatment, Massager, Night Treatment


Aroma Depot


Shea Butter

Skin Type

All types of skin


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