2” A Thousand Wishes


Charcoal cones by far burn are superior to wood pulp cones.
We all know wood cones tend to go out and must often be re-lit continually.




Welcome to a pure and robust scent!
High-Quality BACKFLOW Charcoal Cones
Drenched and Dipped Incense Cones
We Hand Dip Our Incenses Cones Daily by using Alcohol-Free Concentrated
NO more wood smell!
NO more burnt smell!
Top Quality Oil Right Here in The U.S.A.
Our Incenses Cones Are Hand-Dipped for 24-48 Hours.
These premium quality BACKFLOW charcoal cones burn cleaner and are smoother than wood-based cones.

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1" Cones

10 Cones, 20 Cones, 50 Cones, 100 Cones, 200 Cones, 500 Cones


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