1 lb Tumeric Root Powder 100% Pure (Curcuma lfonga) 1 Libra Turmeric





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Root Powder

(Curcuma longa)

Also known as

Curcuma longa, Curcuma, Gauri, Haldi, Indian Saffron, and Yu Jin.

Turmeric Root Powder has been used as a medicine and cooking spice throughout Asia for thousands of years. 

It is one of the most potent, anti-inflammatory foods on Earth. 

Wild Turmeric is a premium, Non-GMO, NON-Irradiated turmeric from India with a rich golden color.

Use it liberally in your cooking for maximum flavor, color, and nutrition. You can also add it to smoothies and shakes or to make the famous (and healthy) “Golden Milk” drink recipe.

*Full of Antioxidants, manganese, iron, vitamin B6, fiber, copper, potassium.

*Typical 3% curcumin content

*Contains curcumin, which gives it the deep yellow/orange color, is known to play a role in preventing many forms of the modern disease

*Also known as “Indian saffron” or “yellow root.”

Ingredients: 100% Turmeric Powder from India


Turmeric is a tropical perennial plant in the same family as ginger, native to India, and cultivated throughout the tropics around the world. Growing to a height of about three feet (one meter), it bears pairs of lance-shaped leaves on alternate sides of the stem. At the base of the stem, there is a knobby rhizome somewhat resembling ginger.


1-alpha curcumin, 1-beta-curcumene, camphene, camphor, various forms of curcumin.

Parts Used

The rhizome, dried and ground.

Typical Preparations

Teas, tinctures, and poultices. Many of the healing benefits of turmeric have been attributed to curcumin, a group of antioxidant compounds found in the rhizome. Although curcumin is available as a standardized extract, the whole herb may be more beneficial for you than the curcumin extract: Only tiny amounts of curcumin are absorbed into the bloodstream. Turmeric as a whole herb stays in the digestive tract longer than curcumin, releasing antioxidant curcumin along with other beneficial substances.


As is the case with so many herbs, turmeric should be used in moderation. Too much turmeric used for extended periods may cause stomach distress. Since turmeric is included in Ayurvedic formulas for birth control, women trying to become pregnant should limit their consumption of the herb, and it should be avoided entirely while pregnant. Excessive use of turmeric should also be avoided in people with congestive heart failure. The curcumin in turmeric activates a gene called p53. This gene deactivates damaged cells in the heart.

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